Kingston & District Sports Hall of Fame


We encourage all members of the Kingson Community to submit their nominations for induction into the Kingston Sports Hall of Fame.

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Inductee Year Inducted Induction Category Sport
J.L (Jake) Edwards 1997 Athlete Curling
J.W. Fitsell 2009 Builder Hockey Historian
Jack Aldridge 2015 Builder Basketball
James Edmunds 1997 Athlete Swimming
James Walsh 1996 Athlete Hockey
James Arniel 2007 Athlete Baseball
James Lauder 2007 Builder Soccer
James Wayne Norris 2003 Builder Basketball, Football
Janice Deakin 2007 Builder Basketball
Jennifer Ellis 2015 Athlete Golf, Squash, Tennis
Jim Sprott 2011 Athlete Baseball, Hockey
Jim Halliday 2008 Athlete Golf
Joe Putos 2016 Builder Cycling
Joe Levandoski 2006 Athlete Baseball, Hockey
John Hall 2017 Builder Sports Official
John White 1998 Athlete Baseball
John Armitage 2001 Builder Rowing
John Kelly 1999 Builder Sportcaster
John A. D. McFarlane 2013 Builder Tennis
John F. Edwards 1998 Athlete/Builder Football
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