Kingston & District Sports Hall of Fame


We encourage all members of the Kingson Community to submit their nominations for induction into the Kingston Sports Hall of Fame.

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Inductee Year Inducted Induction Category Sport
Malcolm Jackson 1997 Builder Sportcaster
Margaret McDonald 2011 Athlete Curling
Mark Potter 2012 Builder Sportcaster
Mark Leduc 2013 Athlete Boxing
Mary Skeggs 2009 Athlete Hockey, Softball
Mary Jane Besselink 2016 Athlete Basketball
Melody Torocolacci 2012 Builder Track & Field
Melville Reid 2005 Builder Baseball, Hockey
Melville Jamieson 2001 Athlete Baseball
Michael Rodden 1996 Builder Hockey
Mike McCullough 2018 Athlete Football
Mike Knott 2017 Athlete Baseball