Kingston & District Sports Hall of Fame


We encourage all members of the Kingson Community to submit their nominations for induction into the Kingston Sports Hall of Fame.

Inductee Year Inducted Induction Category Sport
Stephen Russell Amey 2007 Builder Baseball
James Arniel 2007 Athlete Baseball
Thomas Carty 1999 Athlete Baseball, Hockey
Delmer John Cherry 1999 Athlete Baseball
Clifford Earl 1998 Builder Baseball
Ronald Earl 2001 Athlete/Builder Baseball, Hockey
Robert Elliott Sr 1996 Athlete Baseball, Football
Wallace Elmer 1998 Builder Baseball, Hockey
Robert G. Gilmour 1997 Builder Baseball
Don Dennee 2015 Builder Baseball
Bob Elliott Jr. 2013 Builder Baseball
William Gowsell 2001 Athlete Baseball, Hockey
Joseph Hawkins 2004 Builder Baseball, Hockey
William J. Henderson 2005 Builder Baseball
Melville Jamieson 2001 Athlete Baseball
Francis Arnold Jarrell 1997 Athlete Baseball
Mike Knott 2017 Athlete Baseball
Ronald Paul Lavallee 1997 Builder Baseball
Joseph Lay 1998 Athlete Baseball, Hockey
Joe Levandoski 2006 Athlete Baseball, Hockey
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